To Paint or Not to Paint?

Have you ever agonized over whether to paint a piece of furniture or not? Of course you have! We all have ! Do you LOVE that maple dresser from 1972? No probably not. Are ya ” married to it”? In otherwords , did you promise dear Aunt Bessie that gave it to you that you would leave it in it’s poor ,yellowed ,sad looking state of mind forever? No probably not! Well , paint it! Enjoy it , with it’s new coat of color, updated look!! Today, I’m going to show exactly how that sad 1972 dresser will look with a fresh coat of paint ! Kinda like a lady getting a face lift! Takes years off her looks! This sweetheart is for sale at The Galleries on Gordon, Chickamauga.




Sideboard or Buffet?

What do you call a piece of furniture like this ? I just wondered, as I call this a sideboard but lots of people call it a buffet. Which ” camp” are you in? This sideboard is presently for sale in Chickamauga . Isn’t she cute??


Smashing in red.

This girl was always cute in black but she looks smashing in red, don’t ya think?


Annie’s looking good!

My painter, otherwise known as my hubby, took an Annie Sloan Paint Workshop yesterday. His first project is something for our house, not the shop. It’s looking so cute…



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