Halloween , Antiques & Uniques Style

Who says you have to carve a pumpkin to make a Jack O Lantern?



Endless Possibilitites

I love this work, I look at this set of dining chairs and see endless possibilities, with different options much like life. What and how we choose to take different paths in life affects how we look , how we are received, sometimes how “far” we go on the path. We started with a set of simple wooden chairs , we could have left them unpainted but we chose to paint. Now they could be distressed, ” roughed up ” , if you will, again much like some of people I ‘ve met over the years. But next , I will choose a pretty dress, I mean fabric , to cover the seats with so they look presentable! Life is full of endless possibilities, choose carefully!


Black and White

I love black and white. Can you tell? My latest mannequin dressing….



Americas Mart

Just loving some of the new jewelry and scarves we picked up today in Atlanta. They’ll be in stock at The Galleries on Gordon this week! Hope you like them!


Tables of Spring 2012

Tables of Spring 2012

The shop where we sell Antiques & Uniques has a Spring event each year, we call it “Tables of Spring”. Each vendor decorates a table for Spring using their merchandise. This year Antiques & Uniques is using a potting table as our “Table for Spring” and developed what we call our “Vintage Porch Party” complete with a rusty fork and spoon candlelier !


Savannah ,Georgia

We’ve been on a bit of a respite for the past few days, it’s always fun to travel but then fun to get home safely, too! One of our children lives in Savannah, Georgia, so we’ve been to see him and watch some precious young gymnasts! Check out where we’ve been… www.savannahgeorgia.com ! It’s such a beautiful city and area, if you ever get a chance to go there, you must! So, tomorrow it’s back to work for us. We’ve got to put the finishing touches on my “Table of Spring for 2012” !It starts Thursday in Chickamauga, Georgia!

Spring fever

I know I need to be working, got lots of sewing projects that need completing but look outside…



Outside the Box

Those of you in retail know what that means, you have to think or act differently than you’ve done in the past. That’s what we ‘ve been doing since late January when we added ladies accessories to our inventory! Scarves, jewelry , some hats and purses! New ladies accessories! And it’s selling pretty good! Here are some examples…




Sideboard or Buffet?

What do you call a piece of furniture like this ? I just wondered, as I call this a sideboard but lots of people call it a buffet. Which ” camp” are you in? This sideboard is presently for sale in Chickamauga . Isn’t she cute??


Time for the Beach?

Are you ready to hit the beach? You’d like to but no time or money? What’s the next best thing? An ocean scented hand soap and lotion from Mangiacotti! Ocean is a new fragrance we’ve added to our Mangiacotti line in Chickamauga atThe Galleries on Gordon. Ocean is a wonderful combination of the scents lavender, jasmine and patchouli. Just heavenly… come see for yourself, I mean SMELL for yourself!

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