New Look.

This desk got a brand new look with some Annie Sloan paint and dark wax! Isn’t it cute??




To Paint or Not to Paint?

Have you ever agonized over whether to paint a piece of furniture or not? Of course you have! We all have ! Do you LOVE that maple dresser from 1972? No probably not. Are ya ” married to it”? In otherwords , did you promise dear Aunt Bessie that gave it to you that you would leave it in it’s poor ,yellowed ,sad looking state of mind forever? No probably not! Well , paint it! Enjoy it , with it’s new coat of color, updated look!! Today, I’m going to show exactly how that sad 1972 dresser will look with a fresh coat of paint ! Kinda like a lady getting a face lift! Takes years off her looks! This sweetheart is for sale at The Galleries on Gordon, Chickamauga.



Annie’s looking good!

My painter, otherwise known as my hubby, took an Annie Sloan Paint Workshop yesterday. His first project is something for our house, not the shop. It’s looking so cute…



Simple Before and After!

I love chairs!! Big chairs, little chairs, soft chairs even hard chairs! I especially love having an odd chair sitting around a room. I love having a spare chair in the bedroom, where you can sit to put on your shoes or stack some laundry. I love having a spare chair in the kitchen to pull up for an extra person to join us for a meal! I love having an odd chair in my keeping room where I use it as a side table for a cup of coffee or an unfinished book!Here I took a simple odd chair, added a little paint and a 1/2 yard of cute fabric and made it look so different!!

I stand amazed!

I continue to be amazed at the difference a can of spray paint can make in an object. This vanity chair we just finished was a brassy gold from the 1980’s when we started! Now a light coat of silver spray paint and some girlie “high heel” fabric for a new cushion  and we’ve got a winner!What have you transformed lately?

Comin’ right along!

My Mom used to use this term when I was growing up, “comin’ right along”. We might have been cleaning house, packing for vacation, whatever, we were moving to the end of the project! That’s where we are with the TAG SALE projects… comin’ right along!

Today we’re looking at before and after shots of one of the  saddest  rockers we’ve ever worked on…

Just an idea… for another before and after

I forgot to take a “before ” shot but you all have seen this dresser or one just like it numerous times. It was brown, solid wood, plain , wood knobs, boring!! It took a coat of Kilz, 2 coats of white glossy paint, painted those plain knobs black and had some “frenchy”  looking numbers cut out of black vinyl by a Cricuit machine and applied them to the drawers!
Voila, she’s a new lady!

Before and After…

I’m linking ( I hope) to Miss Mustard Seed’s Feature Friday will be a first for me! This small drop leaf desk started out just fine, if that’s what you like.

But I prefer snazzy to “just fine”. Snazzy, huh?

We aim to please!

We wrapped up a couple of work projects this afternoon, we love doing custom jobs. This black chest turned out so cute. It started out as a pale red, and the painter added a light coat of black satin and then I came back and “worked my magic”! LOL We purchased this chunky chest just a few weeks ago in Charlotte at the Metrolina show. Its so solid and sturdy, will be perfect  in the little boys room its headed to!

Chattanooga here we come…

We’re on the down hill slide, we open our newest space a week from Wednesday, in Chattanooga, Williams Street on the Southside to be exact ! We’ve been buying and painting and buying and painting! This cutie is headed downtown, she’s now ready for her debut. This little desk really perked up when she was painted a soothing black and is a great size to stick about anywhere. This would be cute in a bedroom, den or even a foyer, has lots of cubbies inside, great place to store bills etc. If you’re local to Chattanooga , Tennessee, the shop will be opening, Sept. 1st at 1403 Williams Street( The Galleries on Williams). Come see us!

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