Sideboard or Buffet?

What do you call a piece of furniture like this ? I just wondered, as I call this a sideboard but lots of people call it a buffet. Which ” camp” are you in? This sideboard is presently for sale in Chickamauga . Isn’t she cute??



Time for the Beach?

Are you ready to hit the beach? You’d like to but no time or money? What’s the next best thing? An ocean scented hand soap and lotion from Mangiacotti! Ocean is a new fragrance we’ve added to our Mangiacotti line in Chickamauga atThe Galleries on Gordon. Ocean is a wonderful combination of the scents lavender, jasmine and patchouli. Just heavenly… come see for yourself, I mean SMELL for yourself!

Girls Night Out

Our first GNO of 2012 at The Galleries on Gordon is set for Thursday night March 15, 6-9pm, Chickamauga, GA. We had such fun last year at these events, all the shops in town stayed open late, we served refreshments even had a local band in the street playing tunes!! Come join us if you are local. ” Jewel” my mannequin is dressed for the occasion with new jewelry and scarves!


Smashing in red.

This girl was always cute in black but she looks smashing in red, don’t ya think?


Annie’s looking good!

My painter, otherwise known as my hubby, took an Annie Sloan Paint Workshop yesterday. His first project is something for our house, not the shop. It’s looking so cute…



Moving right along.

I’ve moved, not my family, silly, just here on the internet! I’ve decided to try and try to be more consistent with my posts, what and how the business is doing. Keep coming back and see how we’re doing. Later…… Chichi, aka Carol

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