Who knew?

Do you know the name “Harry and David”, as in fruit of the month clubs? They make candles, potpourri and room spray too! We started carrying several of their fragrance lines at the Chickamauga store recently.  The “Mission Fig” fragrance is just yummy!!Who knew? Did you?


Nashville Flea Market

We love a good flea market and the one in Nashville Tennessee is a great one! Some bad  weather brought our day trip on Saturday to a quick close but we managed to pick up a few treasures before “running for cover” !Love the  tall, industrial stool, isn’t it cute, perfect condition!

It takes some time.

It takes  time to acquire and prepare inventory for each  Antiques & Uniques quarterly TAG SALE  but so worth it!!We like to have 25-30 pieces of furniture for any given sale. We love gathering treasures, painting furniture and “sprucing and fluffing”! Our motto is: ” Unique Treasures for You and Your Home” and that’s what you find at our TAG SALE! Here are a few pieces we’re getting ready.

!950’s solid wood dressing table, painted glossy black, can’t wait to put a sweet little chair with this and send it home with a “princess”!

Cute and simple, white child’s bookcase. I may paint the back wall of it a color or add some decorative paper to  give it a little punch!

Plain and simple Step 3

Step 3: We’ve tried numerous types of paint and primers over the past few years. We’re presently using the Behr Ultra  brand with paint and primer mixed together from Home Depot. Great paint! Wonderful coverage!! We highly recommend it. Most of the time , it takes one complete step out of the restoring process!In these pictures, we’ve got one coat of black satin( by far the most popular amongst our customers) on the base piece and all the drawer fronts. Doesn’t it look good? After 24 hours, we’ll assess  whether it will need another coat or if it’s”good to go”!

Plain and Simple, Step 2

Here’s the second step we take with a chest of drawers such as “plain and simple”. We always take the drawer hardware off before we paint. Some people do not do this !!At this point, we look at whether we’ll be  putting the old hardware back on ( with a face-lift of course) or getting some new. If you decide to get new and it ‘s a different size or type( maybe knobs as opposed to pulls) , then you may need to fill the present holes with filler and then know you’ll need to make new holes for the new pulls.Stay tuned…..

Time flies!

Wow, where have I been?? I can’t believe my “blogging break” took so long. I did have a change of scenery for awhile but I’m back!!

We’re now gearing up for the July Tag Sale…. got to start getting things ready.Here’s one of our first projects, plain and simple, that’s what we call a chest like this.So many people ask me, “where do you start”… let’s talk this week about what we’ll do to this chest, step by step, to get it ready to sell. We found this chest at a local “pickin place”.It’s very sturdy, the back on it is good, drawers are all there!! Step 1: we’ve cleaned it, vaccumed out the drawers.It is sitting on ready for an overhaul! Come back tomorrow for step 2! 

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