The Colors of Summer

What colors  say “summer” to you ? Most days,  the bright  hues of hot pink, turquoise and purple say summer to me. But some times, it’s the pale soft colors of the beach, white, tan and lovely color of aqua! Today, we’re getting ready to take some exploding color to the store! A turquoise rocker and “Paris” theme pillows with a hot pink basket!!


Tables of Spring 2011

Both stores we are involved with have so many fun things planned for 2011! The next one is planned for this weekend, this is our 2nd Annual Tables of Spring. The different booths set up tablescapes within their booth to show off their Spring wares and how they can be used on tables. Last year was such fun, we had one with a mannequin in a bridal gown , the gown was the tablecloth and the bridal gifts for sale were scattered across the gown! Then we had a “wine and cheese” party  with wine glasses, wine stoppers, other accessories for sale as the “hostess” poured some wine for each customer! This year is going to be fun too! I set up my table tonite as I have to be out of town this weekend. It’s a “Teddy Bear Tea Party” as my booth sells teas and  tea accessories!

Springtime in the Carolinas

We had a great time at The Metrolina in Charlotte, NC last week. We loaded up with goodies to resell at the shops! Even though the weather itself was still cool, we saw tons of Springtime at the show. Outside the gates of The Metrolina, flowers of every color and description lined the walk! How tempting they all look ,straight from the greenhouses! Here’s one of the many displays we saw over the weekend , this shows everyone that Spring is certainly in the air!

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