Are you a "Do-It -Yourself" type?

Are you like me and love the satisfaction of saying”I did it myself”? If so, Kristy at has some great DIY tips for you!! In fact,she’s compiling a whole page of tips. There’s even one from yours truly  about the wonderful qualities of liquid de-glosser! Go check it out, tell her Carol at Antiques & Uniques sent ya!!


Comin’ right along!

My Mom used to use this term when I was growing up, “comin’ right along”. We might have been cleaning house, packing for vacation, whatever, we were moving to the end of the project! That’s where we are with the TAG SALE projects… comin’ right along!

Today we’re looking at before and after shots of one of the  saddest  rockers we’ve ever worked on…

Dreaming in Black and White

We’re working every day now to get ready for this year’s first TAG SALE . Bought a cute large metal sign recently” DREAM” , probably 4′ in length but a dull white, and little rusty. A nice fresh coat of glossy black paint makes a world of difference!!This would look great in a young

girl’s room above her bed!

Feature Friday !

 I’m linking to Miss Mustard Seed’s blog for “Feature Friday” at
with this dresser we  refurbished last fall.

Tag Sale Time!

Just another month til the first TAG SALE of 2011! We’re painting, repairing and doing general clean -up to get ready for the sale! Hope you can join us!This chest is so sweet, it has just the right amount of “shabby”. You can see three different colors that the chest has been over the years.Good sturdy piece of furniture and to make it look even more darling, I lined each drawer with a sweet paper covered in spring flowers, not put in permanently though.

We finished the chest , now onto repairing a rocker that needs lots of TLC!!

Happy Valentine’s!

Happy Valentine’s Day, give away a kiss or two today!!

Storage Drawers

This tutorial is about making more storage for your home.Who doesn’t need more storage?? Lots of people store unused items under their bed but sometimes those are difficult to retrieve when needed. Don’t ask me how I know this! Heresay! hehe
Anyway, I had these 2 odd dresser drawers left from a project so I decided to make some under the bed storage. We painted one of the drawers white , one black and added casters to the corners so they can be easily pulled out from under the bed and then returned.

The first drawer I lined, the white one, I used black and white check wrapping paper, just thin cheap wrapping paper. You could use left over wallpaper, wrapping paper, contact paper, sheets out of an old book! Lots of things would work. I adhered this wrapping paper to the drawer with liquid starch as my gluing agent. I’ve used starch for numerous projects over the years. Liquid starch  works great in a project such as this. Advantages? Cheap, the leftover starch can be used again( I pour mine right back in the bottle), very forgiving. It will  even adhere fabric to a wall and will stay for years !This project is quick , easy and useful! Here are  the “tools of the trade” and the first drawer completed!

Just around the corner!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner…
do you remember just your sweet heart? What about the love of a child?
Or do you remember the love
of a good neighbor or a dear girl friend? Add someone new to your
list to remember this year, make their day! Send a card, take some cookies,
maybe just a quick phone call. Share the love, you’ll be glad you did!

Just an idea… for another before and after

I forgot to take a “before ” shot but you all have seen this dresser or one just like it numerous times. It was brown, solid wood, plain , wood knobs, boring!! It took a coat of Kilz, 2 coats of white glossy paint, painted those plain knobs black and had some “frenchy”  looking numbers cut out of black vinyl by a Cricuit machine and applied them to the drawers!
Voila, she’s a new lady!

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