We’re going to Charlotte!

We’ve been wanting to hit the flea market in Charlotte ,NC at the Metrolina for awhile. We’ve never been but I’ve read  that its a great show, 2,ooo+  vendors!! Well, some things have changed around our house and we’re going to the BIG CLASSIC show in just 2 weeks!! The best part is…  we’re meeting really good friends there  for the weekend! Yee haw!!What fun!


Getting ready!

This week is Christmas Open House in Chickamauga for Antiques & Uniques. I’ve been doing some wreaths out of materials I bought on my recent buying trip to Texas.This wreath is on its way to the shop tomorrow. I think it turned out swell!

Busy, busy!!

The hubs and I talk about this all the time! We are so busy to be “retired folk”! But its a “good kind of busy”! Last week was one of those times when we were so busy, but we ended the week with our Fall Tag Sale and another successful event!!We definitely will do seasonal tag sales for Antiques and Uniques again next year!Our plan now is to do one in the Spring, Summer and Fall, each one after a trip to Texas to the the big Flea Market in Canton!! I do believe the locals are beginning to expect them and look forward to the unique furniture pieces and bargains they can pick up, here are a few pictures from last week’s sale.


I’m always looking for inspiration for my next project, whatever it might be! Some time ago, on www.eddieross.com  I was inspired by some white pumpkins he decorated probably 2or 3 years ago. I’m serving pumpkin tea and cookies tomorrow at the store’s open house and had some white pumpkins a friend had given me this week so…this is my “take” on  decorated pumpkins!

It’s that time again!

Next weekend will be the final tag sale of 2010. It seems like just yesterday that hubs and I decided to make 2010 a year when Antiques & Uniques was made more visible( back to blogging, tag sales, email list with updates, FB, etc)  but its been 10 months!Wow! Anyway, the last sale will be next Friday and Saturday, Oct.15/16th, LaFayette, GA. The extra effort has paid off as we’ve had increased sales, started our buying trips to Texas, and generally gotten our name out there alot more. We’ve even had people start calling us when they are looking to buy a piece of furniture, yeah!! The garage is beginning to fill up for next weekend…

Another Pumpkinville resident!

Isn’t “she” a cutie? Notice her facial features are leftovers from the screw/nut/bolt box in the shed! A pumpkin can look cute with just about anything as their face! Have you decorated your pumpkin yet? Better get busy….


I love being creative whether it’s painting furniture or pumpkins! My imagination can just go crazy with ideas…thought I’d share what I’m working on right now. These are some of the table decorations for Wednesday nite supper at church this week.

Home again, home again!

Wow, we’ve  had a fun week, all 1500 miles of it (round trip) ! We just got back from Canton, TX  for the First Monday Flea Market, we bought tons of treasures for our  3 booths and the upcoming tag sale on Oct. 15 and 16. I’ll be posting pictures as we clean things up , paint some  furniture and get these treasures ready  for new owners!

Lots of fun times on the horizon…this weekend we start off with the  

GRAND OPENING of  The Galleries on Williams Street, 1403 Williams Street, Chattanooga, TN. The official “party” will be Sunday afternoon, Oct. 10th from 2-6pm, come by and see us, if you are local.

The week of Oct. 25-31, we’ll be celebrating with a Holiday Open House at  The Galleries on Gordon, 111 Gordon Street, Chickamauga. All the Christmas  decor will be out, we’ll have door prizes , food samples, and special sales!!We’ll be open our normal business hours, 10-5:30.

In Rome, on Saturday, November 6th we will be celebrating the holidays with a Holiday Open House at Antiques & Interiors on Broad , 114 Broad Street, during their normal business hours, 10-5pm.We’ll have some food, store specials and lots of Holiday Tablescapes on display to give you inspiration and creative “juices” for the upcoming holidays!!

So get ready, the holidays are upon us………………..Carol

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