New Bags Are In!

New shipment of “Mixed Bags” at Antiques & Uniques! We carry several sizes of poly bags that are reusable, wipe-able, recyclable , even a lunch bag size ! What makes ours so “unique”? We personalize them with your initial in vinyl ,in your fav color / font , its all included in the price and the turn around time is 3-4 days!!The shopping/grocery size bags are $12 and the insulated lunch bags are $10! What a deal! These are at the Chickamauga site and soon to be on Williams Street. Order yours soon!! Here are a couple of examples….


Americas Mart in Atlanta

We spent Saturday in Atlanta buying some more inventory for the upcoming  holiday season. Here’s a few of the areas and stores we hit!This past weekend was one of their short markets ( 3days) but we got lots accomplished and spent plenty of money!

When in Rome…

Our booth in Rome, GA, we just started this past February. Its about an hour for us to travel down to “fluff” this booth so we don’t get there as often as we should. But I wanted to share a few shots from that booth over the past few months…enjoy!

A cup of hot tea= a cup of good health

Antiques & Uniques has been promoting the drinking of hot tea for several years now. According to ,drinking tea may help prevent everything from cavities to Parkinson’s disease! Not sure about all of that, but it definitely has amazing health benefits and we all know it contains antioxidants.Our teas are from 5 different companies and we sell individual tea bags so you can pick and choose your favorites. We carry all different kinds of teas , black, green , white, red. Did you know the processing of the leaves of camellia sinensis determines whether a tea will be green, black or red? This picture is from the tea booth in Chickamauga where we carry the majority of our teas and tea accessories.

Fun at the Shop!

Antiques & Uniques
Antiques & Uniques

We are located in group shoppes only, this is where there’s a number of “mini-shoppes” and there’s a shopkeeper and we pay a percentage of our sales to the shopkeeper. This works best for us, we’ve had a store front  and didn’t enjoy that, too confining. Similar to the set up of an antique mall but most of the shoppes carry new merchandise, jewelry, home decor, candles, baby gifts! You get the picture. Our shop in Rome where we are, is planning a fun event for November 6th.  We’re having a Holiday Open House with a twist- Holiday Tables! Each booth is to have a holiday table scape. We did this at the shop in Chickamauga in the Spring., “Tables of Spring”. It was so fun!! Here are some of the tables from that event. We have two spaces there.The first two- tea time and birds of a feather are Antiques & Uniques.

It’s gone!

This dining set of a table and 6 chairs is already gone from our new booth that just opened yesterday!! Woohoo!! Love this business! Now… out to buy more goodies to paint!

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