Ahhhhhh…. lavender.

Are you a lavender person? I think you either love it or hate it. I love it and it has so many wonderful qualities and smells so nice and clean. We’ve been selling dried lavender by the scoop and lavender products for the past 6 years. Lavender has been shown to slow the activity of the nervous system. Therefore, lots of people spray their pillows with lavender spray or put a lavender sachet under their pillow to promote relaxation and improve their sleep quality. Many appreciate lavender for its fragrance in soaps, candles and lotions. We carry a wonderful line of lavender products by Sweet Grass, http://www.sweetgrassonline.com/ in both shops. The word lavender comes from the Latin root, lavare( to wash) , our best seller is a packet of 3 lavender laundry sachets, you are to throw one in the dryer with your sheets to give a slight scent of lavender to your clean bed clothes.



Recently I ran across the coolest book, an early 1920’s child’s dictionary! Very fun graphics and interesting definitions, i.e., Alaska still being a territory.Anyway, I had a cute side table with raised “booboo” on top where a raised decoupage had been and no amount of sanding would take care of it. So… taking my lead from my blog friend Tracey at http://acottageindustry.typepad.com/ , I decided to “starch “these children’s dictionary pages on the top of my table. It turned out great!Tracey tells you how to do this on her blog! What do you think? I think I saved the table!

We’re finished.

We’re done! We think this bed turned out great.But the most important thing… we hope the customer likes it!They’re to pick it up today. It went from grey, silver metallic finish to a warm, barn red!

Can I get that… but in another color?

This is a great old iron bed we found recently, has its original casters, in excellent shape. We have some good customers we knew were looking for a double bed, therefore… we called them up and we’re painting this cutie, barn red ! It will look wonderful! If you’re local to North Georgia, let us know what you’re looking for. We’ll be glad to see if we can find it , if we can, then we’ll customize it with paint.

We love an auction!

We both love a good auction! A “good one” in our book is an auctioneer that you can understand when he calls , clean auction house, and good prices!! We went to one of our favorites last nite and we did so good! ? Love this child’s wardrobe, good clean furniture, we are known for painting furniture, not sure about this one though.

I love this slant top desk, can’t wait to see it painted and fluffed!
We’ve got lots more, but I gota get to work, post more later!

One lump or two?

Several years ago, I started carrying orphaned( one of kind, the only one left in a set) tea cups and teapots at the shop. I was amazed at how well they sold. I realized then that maybe some tea( by the tea bag, not by the pound) might be good to sell along with them. I have been so pleased about the success of both of these items as well as tons more, all being related to taking tea. We now sell tea from 5 different makers, over 150 different flavors! We sell tea spoons, infusers, lemon, tea caddies, all sorts of things tea related. We even have cards and notepads with teabags attached. Are you a tea drinker and can’t find enough good tea samples? Maybe you want to have a tea party, need favors or want a special gift for a friend who takes tea, come see us! These are a couple of shots from the tea booth at The Galleries on Gordon, Chickamauga, GA. Open Tues-Fri 10-5:30; Sat 10-4.

North Georgia 2010 Garden Tour

Jasmine and lace cap hydrangeas, can you get any more Southern?

Hubs and I made this mosaic bench in a garden class a couple of years ago. It was our first attempt at mosaics, I thought it turned out well!

Hope you enjoyed your North Georgia garden tour!

Style on a Budget

Classics never go out of style and they don’t have to “break the bank” either. This corner cabinet doesn’t look like much right now. But it will!! Why? Because a classic like a simple, handmade corner cabinet is forever.Look at the nice deep shelves it has, once upon a time, someone made a plate slot on the shelves as well, so plates can be safely leaned against the back wall of the cabinet. Lots of storage below. Take my creative word for it, this is going to be so cute when we re-make it! We bought it just yesterday “for a song” but DH and I already have our plan in mind on what to do to make it “unique and one of a kind”! Stay tuned!! You will be amazed!!

Chalk Board with shelf

I know everybody in blogland has used chalkboard paint in lots of different ways. I’m no different. I ran across this old window recently and it had a piece of molding still connected but it was longer than the window. DH evened it up by cutting of the excess molding and I painted the glass with chalkboard paint, turning it on its side to make the chalk shelf below. It has an old screen door latch on back that it can be hung by. Clever , huh? Keep your eyes open to different options, ya never know.

First to go!

This cute lil foyer table was the “first to go” at our Tag Sale this past weekend. Isn’t she cute? Wow, the crowd picked us clean! Thank you to all who came and BOUGHT!! Most of our inventory was purchased on our June trip to Canton, TX at the big monthly flea market there. Great sale! We’re going to do it again in October! Come see us!

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