Before and After

Ran across these pics of a before and after we did awhile ago, thought I would remind people of the power of paint. Can you believe the difference a coat of white paint made on this old tea cart? Night and day difference from a tired old cart to a revived and jazzy something to use now! We do alot of painting in our business, it is amazing what a coat of a paint can do! Try it the next time you think something looks old and tired. See the difference for yourself!

Come to the Tag Sale!!

Antiques & Uniques Summer Tag Sale is set for July 9/10, usually we have just old, vintage items.But this time, we have some new linens that have a vintage style and look.Check them out! Come see us , if you are local to Northwest Georgia!

It’s only 750 miles!

It’s only 750 miles from Georgia, that’s what I said to my DH as I asked last spring about us making a flea market road trip.I bet you know where I’m referring to. Yep,Canton, Texas! Check it out here, The longest running flea market in the country, 150 years! Well, we made the trip the first week of June. Awesome!!! You may have noticed my profile picture, here on the blog. My DH made that the first day of the sale, as I entered into “flea market heaven.” Around 7,000 vendors! Here’s the car when we got back to Georgia, so full of treasures you couldn’t even see out the back!!!

Back in the saddle!

It’s been 2 years since I last posted here, my small business is still around , in fact its grown and expanded. I’ve just never been much of a writer and I kinda ran out of blog “steam”, if you will and just quit posting. I’m going to give it another try. I love reading other’s blogs, met some bloggers, loved that! I’m giving it another try. I’m going to do better !! Help me!

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